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Waa Waa! Sugoi!

Damn it all Beed. Why did you introduced me to Naruto!? XD I'm hooked! The manga ish sooooo cool! Truly a good ninja comic! :O
I'm going to download the other chapters after this~ :3

(Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!) >o< piii~~

Anyway, I've started doing my comic last night. Finished the cover. Most probably I'll CG it later. But something is bugging me. The title kinda sounds cheesy and stuff. What? "Curious Little Dead Girl"? @_@ aaiee... I'll change the title later. Maybe after I read some Naruto mangas I'll get some ideas.. :O

Another thing, I'm having problems with the Christmas presents. Short on money, but, I won't let that stopping me from buying gifts. >_< I wonder what Beed likes..~~ XD;;

Aaah, Seems that the local cable provider already started showing AXN. The only channel with some good animes in it. Rose is totally melting about it and all. Shadow Skill. XD Last night they showed the You're Under Arrest movie. It's good but I think I've forgotten most of the characters name. X_X;;;

Right, time to read Naruto! :O

*Throws smoke bomb* Pffffft~~! Disappear!

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