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Yet another late update. - a box of bones [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Yet another late update. [Mar. 4th, 2002|03:32 pm]
[Current Mood |weird]
[Current Music |Guilty Gear X - Writhe In Pain]

New people! :O

Hi! Will, Icchan and Pete! :O

So anyway, What's up lately? Well, For starters. Sleeping patterns be totally weirded out.. X_X Normal sleep time: 2.00am.. Hmmm.. And I've been getting these muscle aches and back pains.. >_O;; I don't know why.. But boy, I'm sure leading an unhealthy life.. XD;;

Okay, Drawing.. Well.. You can say I'm doing so-so~ XD;;; @o@ People have been kicking my arse around! They're soooo damn cool! >_< Practice! Practice! Practice~~~~!!!! Uuum.. Oh yeah.. Went out with Nizam yesterday.. XD; His computer seems to be in a pissed mode~ Drag me along, off to Imbi Plaza. @_@ Seems that I can't find any shops in there that sells a tablet.. Either I'm totally blind or I'm looking at the wrong place.. So anyway, After that we crashed Sushi King.. Again.. >_<;; Celebrated the SPM results thingo with sake! >X3~ Oh yeah, Bought Maken X Another #1.. Gory, But the blood be..uuum.. goo-ish lookin'? @___@? Good reference nonetheless~ :D

Well, so what happens after this? Hmmm.. Most probably I'll be doing some drawing.. ._.;;

Bokson: XD Oi! Kawan! Are you dead? Yeah yeah, I'm getting those BK knives for you... Don't worry~ ^^;;; Free anytime next btw?

Pete: ;o; Pete! Update your journal~ XD Dangit! Don't be so depressed~ .O. *huggles*

Jules: Jules, Like the others.. I'm telling you the truth! ;o; You're not lame and stuff! >_<;; Look, I be stupid with these talking stuff and all. But you know how we always feel about you~~ ^_^; So cheer up!

So anyway, There goes my lame replies and stuff.. XD;; Man... >_< And Rina won't be online tonight.. ;_; Mmmmmm~ Well, Maybe I can read her chat log over and over again just to ease my lovesick.. XD;;; Good god, I'm weird..

But she loves me~~ *^^* And I love her~~ X3 Writhe In Pain.. Hmmm~ X3 You *know* what I be thinking about when I listen to this song ne? Rina~~ X3 X3 XD lol

Right.. Later days.. >_X Obviously, I'm getting really weird and scaring people off..