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Wheee~! I feel quite good today! The left speaker be cranky.. =_= Gotta buy new ones.. Me speakers be ooooooold.. Like, 7 years? XD So ho hum..

My mother is not feeling that well today.. Well, at least it's not that serious.. =_=; So I have to do the chores~ XD;; Lessee.. Done cooking, laundry, making the bed.. Yep.. That should do it.. =_= Oh wait, Have to remember to make some tea for teatime around 5.00pm.. ^^;;

Yet another good pic from Icc.. >_< This guy is totally gifted and stuff.. Talent! I want 'em talents! XD Mwaaaaaahahhaahhahahaha! Hmmm.. Well.. Oh yeah, FSc's Nightmares and Fairytales are sooon to be out~~ @o@ Gotta check with Kinos.. Thanks to Icc for the news.. ^_=;

Mmmmm~ Last night was indeed wonderful again.. *^o^* Thanks for the piccies Hime~~ ;o;

anyway.. I've spoken too much.. =_= Gen = Bad for your brains.

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