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May Allah bless her soul.. - a box of bones [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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May Allah bless her soul.. [Mar. 7th, 2002|10:03 am]
[Current Mood |groggy]
[Current Music |Malice Mizer - Au Revoir]

Mudster: I am sorry to hear that.. ;o; 'Semoga Allah merahmatinya.' *huggles*

I'm not feeling that well today.. I miss Rina terribly and I have driving class around 11.00am today.. Bleh, I'm being selfish.. Don't be so demanding, don't be so demanding....

Congrats to Runic-dono for her 'freedom' XD (Don't hit me with your paperfan~~ XP) I'll be working on your pic today and hopefully, *hopefully* I can make it tonight.. ;_;

I must try not to faint again today.. =_= Bah.. Oh, One good news though. Seems that my mother is feeling much better than last night. ^^;

*cracks knuckles* Time for breakfast....... *looks at fingers*.... No wonder they're short and thick.. XD ne? Runic-dono~

Oh thanks to Rose for the 'Abu - Jari Emas' song :O Very nice~

My condolences to Ahmad again.. ._.