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=_= Detonating Session.

(Edited: I've decided to delete most of this hate/angst/depressed post. By reading it over and over again, I find it shocking to see me writing all those stuff. I suggest you forget about this if you already read it.. Sorry again.. Maybe I should d/l the song that Ross told me about earlier today..)

..Look, I am really really sorry if I've hurt the feelings of certain people or whatever.. But boy, I feel better.. At least I'm staying away from self mutilation this time. I know the fact that I'm scaring people right now. Making people think I'm just a pathetic guy. A weakling..

But yes, I'm pathetic.. I'm weak.. I can't even stand the stress of life.. That's why I envy the #rosa and some MAAO people so much.. All of them.. They be strong. Me? Tried to be strong but end up hurting people and making stupid journal posts like this..

I'm so sorry everyone.. Especially you Rina. Seems you've fallen in love with a psychotic guy.. I love you.

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