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Better already. XD

Hmm.. I'm glad I managed to drag myself out from depression~ XoX;; I don't have anything important to write though.. =_=;; I've been listening to Love Together and Fragments of Dreams again and again today~ X3 *^^* I can't wait for tonight~~~ Nuhuhuhu~ But I sure hope my brother wont hog the computer again tonight.. ;o; Nooooou~ That would be terrible! ;_;

Bokson: Beed, dude. XD I knew it! You're a 'budak jahat' from the start! XD XD With the hair and evil eyes! XP No wonder the Indian goon squad took you as his brother's asssailant~ XD XD J/K btw.. :P

Masako: Glad to hear you're back and better~ Alive and kicking and still Genki as usual~ ~_~;; I'm with Bokson~ XD You shall reign over the MAAO meetings with your genki-ness~ =_=;; (Yet another 0% percentage chance of Masako reading this post~ XD)

Right! Time to draw mushy stuff! ^o^

...psuedo goth.. XD

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