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Not today. Another 2 months.

Yep. Dad called up the LICT place. The receptionst said that the intake for Digital Animation is around June/July. Lessee.. 2 months? Heh, Well at least I have some time to clear out my driving lessons. To be honest, I don't like driving that much.. @_@;;;


I'm worried about Rina. I haven't seen her 3 days? Yes, I know. Maybe you guys be saying "Dude! C'mon! 3 days!? Don't whine!" but ^^;; heh you don't know how I feel. It's not that I'm angry or being all angsty here (eventhough I had fun being one for the past few days) but I'm just worried. And she haven't replied my emails.. I'm gonna stop bombarding her inbox.. XoX; *sigh* I need her..

So anyway, yeah. The guys already came up with a name. Channel R methinks.. Good job guys! ^_^ Time to find a printing house and think of page layout.

I don't know why. But I can't sleep lately.. o_O you can say I didn't sleep for 2 days now. Too risky to take some pills.. Ah well, Off to the pool then. ^o^ Wheee~

Bokson: Like I said, It's totally different from watching T.V. And you're one lucky bastard. :P

Ahmad: That's the spirit! Good luck with your finals! :O

Stomach pains kicks in. Time to disappear.

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