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Insanely good~

For the past few days, things has been really really good~ Had a nice quality time with Rin (Rina actually, But I love calling her Rin~ ^^;) I finally called her last Sunday. XD XD;; We talked for about.. what? 10 seconds? XD *=_=* Nervous~ I am so sorry Rin~ ;o; I love you~~~ Right, Back to drawing. A slight increase in skill level I think.. XD;; Drawing upper bodies is not that hard for me now.. XD XD XD

Oh! KYQ got himself an LJ. ^_^;

Btw, K. ^^;; I'll get your banner finished ASAP~ XD;; Gomen~~

Right back to drawing.. Jack Lysen, Jakob Wright and Maya Stevenson..

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