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Random music plug.

^^; Hehehe.. Trying my hands on Mr.Children.. And also, Malice Mizer and The Brilliant Green..

Oh yeah.. After that more Rob Zombie! X3


Shiro - Pearl <--- Rather fast paced-ish.
Mr.Children - Cross Roads <--- The slow, "uuuuh~ aaaaah~" type of music.
Rob Zombie - Dragula (Hot Rod Herman Remix) <-- Your 'fast-paced-goth-rock-with-gibberish-whatever' type of song.. Still good though ^_^V Good for Goth drawing ideas~ XD
Rob Zombie - The Ballad of Resurrection Joe And Rosa Whore <--- Right! This one is good too! :O

Hmmm~ Seems that GGX, Rob Zombie,Dead Can Dance and Malice Mizer music are quite inspiring~ ^_^V Brings out the hatred if you know what I mean~ ;3

"What type of music do you listen when you're drawing?"

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