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The Advert Guy Returns! Return To Shadow Man!

Sheeaah.. For the last 2 days had been awfully tiring and amusing. XD XD XD Shadow Man aka Nizam (a friend of mine called 'im Shadow Man and he got pissed off. XD) called for help. Shadow Man requires help with his assignment. Agreed to help. Shadow Man be very happy. Ho.

I am quite surprised when Nizam told me that I gotta create 3 adverts! o_O 1 for him and the rest for his friends.. Let's see.. A Kelly Chan concert advert, a Pangkor Resort advert and, ugh, an N'Stink' concert advert.. >_< (No offense to N'Sync fans who be reading my journal right now.. XD Though I doubt there's one..)

Finished the Kelly Chan and Resort thingo at his place. Went to Leisure Mall to buy Knives/Darts for Bokson (Sorry man, The shop is closed ^^;) and I bought something else for someone... Saw this long, thin blade.. Quite nice especially for stabbing. I might buy it for personal protection or..well.. for some other reasons.. Heh~ ^_^

Went back home. Shower. And I died (or sleep rather.. XD) for a loooong time. So this morning, Joe went to the dentist again. At least he's not coming home getting pissed at everything just because he has a toothache. He's fine now. So well.. I've been thinking about the revival of Smiling Dead Fish. The dead site of mine. Hmmm.. I'll work on the layout and of course.. KYQ's banner~ ^^; Oh yeah, Dad is being extra cranky today.. Headache due to blood preassure.. Hmmmm..

Oh, Thanks to Rina for the wonderful wonderful video clip and the Iguana beanie~~ *^___^* And also for the FSc link! ;o; ;o; ;o; I thought her site died~ ;___;

A quick Blog bash:

Reins: @__@ I heard that you broke your back!? Man! I sure hope its not that serious~ X_X (Yet another 0% of you reading this XD;;) I'm sorry to hear that though Reins. ._.

Bokson: Unfortunately, Not yet. XD I'm just.. quite surprised by the beautiful art people have been producing lately.. Especially yours you fork-tongued waikiki dude.. �_� Thou be a liar! >:O

:O~~~~~ Nice music!

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