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My father passed away at 4.30 PM, Monday.. The same day when he was… - a box of bones [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Mar. 19th, 2002|10:51 pm]
My father passed away at 4.30 PM, Monday.. The same day when he was admitted to the CCU ward..

Semoga Allah merahmatinya.

[User Picture]From: kyq
2002-03-19 07:15 am (UTC)


Hey gen, just read your post....I'm so sorry...I really don't know what to say. I still remember losing my grandfather some years ago, but losing a Dad really really sucks. I myself feel like crap at the moment, but I just want you to remember that if there's anything that's bugging you, you still have #rosa around ok?? :( Take care ne?
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[User Picture]From: julsey
2002-03-19 09:18 am (UTC)
I'm not sure what I should say here.. I want to say something, because I care very much, but I always worry with.. something like this that I may say the wrong thing. I've always cared about you a lot Gen.. you're like a brother to me, and I love it when something in this world makes you happy. It is such a winding road though, and there are difficult parts of life that come to us all. I'm so sorry for this Gen.. it is something that all of us have happen to us in our lives, but we dread or before it comes and look back at it with sadness after. You have always been there for me if I need help, you are a wonderful and caring person and I'm worried that I won't be able to say anything that can impact upon you that I really do love you and want to help. I know that I can't appreciate your situation from where I am.. but if there is anything at all I can do for you, please tell me, please. No doubt you have so much now to think about, .. if I could perhaps say one thing, I would remind you that though it is elusive, love is powerful and everlasting, and will always be there, in air you breathe and in the soil of the earth. Through ages and aeons there are things in this world we cannot see that are stronger than those we know already, and that life is magic that cannot be broken, so long as we believe in it. I'll be here for you if you need me Gen, I promise I'll be right here.
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[User Picture]From: obsidianmcnight
2002-03-19 04:25 pm (UTC)
Oh Gen... I'm so sorry... I hope you'll be okay. May God bless his soul, and good luck! We'll be right here if you need us.
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From: runic54
2002-03-19 08:02 pm (UTC)
Oh, Gen-dono... I really don't know what to say.. I'm sorry. I'm just so sorry. It hurts to lose a loved one, I know. We'll all be here for you, just remember that.
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[User Picture]From: demoivrex
2002-03-19 08:11 pm (UTC)
Gen, ;_; I don't know what to say or what I should say. I'm sorry for you buddy, I've had friends of family pass away and my eldest grandmother pass away (my grandfather on my dad side had 3 wives you see...) but none really have been that close. I wish there could be something to say to make it better but I know something like that really can't come from myself.

If you need me I'll be there for you. We'll all be there for you.
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