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The story of D.E.A.D

Once a upon a time, There was a young foolish boy. He wanted to be a painter, an artist. He worked so hard day and night. He doesn't have a lot friends but he was used to it. "Being alone has its own good..." He mutters to himself. So foolish and naive he doesn't know how valuable friendship is. Getting gloomy and depressed for no apparent reason. And ends up getting his other friends depressed and tired of his bickerings and whining about how cruel his life is. But one day, His father died. He was sad and crushed especially when he saw his mother crying, worrying about how to pay off their debts and his schooling. His older brother, Patted him and in tears he told the young boy "We can make it.. Together we will.."

The boy cried beside of his father cold but yet so calm and peaceful body..

After a few days, Friends began to flock to their small hovel. Offering their condolences. And the young boy's friends also visited him. Offering their sincere condonlences and hope.. Something which is very new to him.. In tears, He regretted about how he looked upon his friends.. His true friends..

The boy cried again. Until his tears are dried.

After a few days, Some of his father's friends began to call.. And one of them agreed to help them with the financial problem. His family was happy and filled with hope.

The boy smiled as he looked his mother and brother laughed and being happy..

Yet the joy doesn't lasts long. Yet another few days. News of his grandfather being sick came to him. His mother cried again.. His uncle from the land across the sea agreed to help them again..

The boy is confused. Feelings mixed up.

The foolish boy silently cried.. No tears... Confused.. Crushed..

(Feeling pretty weird today..)

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