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I thought I should write more.. ^^;; Everyone is asleep right now. Need to wake up early tommorrow because my mother wants me to follow her when she's driving Joe to the LRT station.. ^^;; She's afraid that she might get lost on the way back.. ^^;; Look, She doesn't know the area quite well okay? XD;

Another thing, Seems that I don't have the mood to do anything.. Not even drawing. >_<; For the past few days I could only whip out, what? 3-4 pics? ;_; That includes doodles too! ;o; ;o; Well, I think I should give it more time.. Hang around with my friends.. Have some quality time with Rina~ *^_^* She's been very very helpful and supportive lately~ ;_; Thanks honey~ I love you~~~ *^_^* *Thwaps head* Need to relax! >_<

The whole family has been drinking milk.. Alot of milk.. Lately.. X_X Mom bought 6 cartons of Dutch Lady milk.. 3 Strawberries and 3 Chocolates! :O~~~~~ I love 'em! X3

Though I think drinking milk be giving me these stomach aches I've been having quite often.. ;_; Nuuu..~ *rubs tummy* And noodles! Yes! Lotsa, Lotsa noodles! :D XD XD; Those instant noodles though... XD XD XD;; I'm thinking about going out with Bokson again one day.. Eat ramen like hell together and of course! Some sake! XD XD WOOOOOO~~~!!! Hehehehe~ I sure like the sound of that~ XD~~~~

I think I should go to sleep now.. ^^; I've been babbling like a fool..

Goodnight people.... or morning rather? X_x;; Screw that.

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