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=_x [Mar. 27th, 2002|06:36 pm]
[Current Mood |tired]
[Current Music |Ritsuko Okazaki - For Fruits Basket]

Man.. This song really gets into me..
Eventhough I don't understand a word of it~ XD Meh..

Welllll~~~ Today has been a productive day.. Manage to do some drawing~ :O

Frilly! Inspired by Icchan's drawings of pweety girls in frilly dresses.~ .O.

Mmmmm~ Nothing beats green tea.. ^O^ And I should save the lyrics for 'For Fruits Basket'.. @_@ Rina wants me to sing this song... X_x Egads..

*memories of singing 'Groovy!' in iparty flashes in*