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Living Dead Girl.

I'm exhausted and awfully cranky and a little bit pissed.. I don't know why..

Last night was fun as usual.. Chatting with Rina, Doing cute things with her and at the same time, trying to poison her with Goth and all.. Sometimes it bites when you can only see her like 3-5 times a week? But what the heck, I need respect her privacy. Give her own space.. Heh.. Not your fault honey, It's okay~ ^_^;

So about me getting pissed.. Why on earth I'm pissed? I sound pretty harsh when i replied Jules's entry.. Meh, Sorry about that dude..

So anyway, I'm out before I start getting really depressed and lashing out at people..

Oh btw.. Steeve's Bday art.. -_- sorry about the pencil..

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