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Yep! Feeling all better! :D But another boring day.. The usual stuff.. -_-;; And I'm getting a little bit bored...

"I'm sinking~~~ Into the void of boredom!~~~~~"

Which gives me an idea about what to draw.. @_@;; Hnngh.. >_<

Raiun: XD Hey! Interesting entry ya got there Ken-sama.. XD;; About the site, I'm working on the Journal section and also repairing the bloody Gallery section.. X_X And I still got those three pics of yours (euro, kamui and em..), Ya won't mind if I upload them eh? ^^;; Go have some ye ol' good quality time with Erik.. X3 Nuhuhuhu~

Right! O_O Green tea and I'm off to work on the site.

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