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Cleaned the old pond today.. =_= Something which is very icky and messy.. @_@ Blood worms be everywhere! And not to mention the huge amount of some green goo.. =_=;;

Yesterday was insanely fun, tiring and embarrassing.. Fun because went out to watch the cheese 'Resident Evil' with Bokson.. As we sat, waiting for the movie to start.. Watching the fimiliar beer advertistment where the old timers over the Censorship Board failed to censor.. XD XD XD Talking about how big the cheese is when comes to the local translation subs with Bokson earlier, We waited eagerly for the translation of the the title..... So, That would be..? 'Penduduk Jahat'? XD I don't know. XD XD And too bad the bath scene is censored! But that's okay.. I guess. *snickers*

RE pulls the crowd together with the Matrix-esque move! XD The crowd really laughs out their guts and some of them be cheering and clapping like mad when Alice kicks this one zombie dog with Matrix-esque move! XD XD XD;;

But hey, The cheese is not bad I should say~ :3

And comes to the tiring part, I walk from KLCC to the Swiss Garden Hotel bus stop.. Stand for about half an hour while waiting for the bus. Stand another hour till the bus is not packed out.. -_-;; And then comes the embarrassing part.. >_< The stupid driver hits the emergency breaks during an uphill drive and for me, with my super slippery slippers, one hand holding the bar, 'gracefully' turn 180 degrees counterclock-wise.. As the other passengers, in their awe, make the 'wow!' exression.. =_= Lucky for me I didn't fall..


So anyway, That's about it~

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