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Wheee~ XD

Muahaha! Tonight shall be the night full of dramas and action! XD That's because, first, I'll be going to the tuition centre with mom tonight. And I'm going to look the face of the fuckin' teachers getting their laaast paycheck! Yeeeeeeeeeehuhuhuhuhuhuhu!!! >XD I forgot to mention that one of the teachers, took the computer from the centre just because my mom hasn't paid his paycheck yet.. Dude! For cryin' out loud, My dad just passed away and we have to debts estimating RM 15 000 and you just fuckin' take the computer and threatening my mom like that? Heheh, If I have to, These knuckles will be tap dancing on ye face and I'm gonna hear ya screaming the name of ya bitch! >XD Seeya tonight asshole! The guy who's taking over the tuition centre be handling the management and kindly offers RM 3000 to pay up the centre's unpaid bills and other stuff~

Cool, Tuition centre problem done. Loan sharks and school money left..

Another good thing is~~ X3 I'll be seeing Rina tonight~~~ X3 X3 May sound stupid or something, But hey! XD XD;; Grown attached to her.. XP Must remember to use the Rei nick tonight.. X_x
(And yes for those who cannot stand it you may now puke.. XD)

Again, I've been drawing until 3.00 am.. And I need to start coloring my artworks now.. -_- Definetly something I am not looking forward to but I *must* try.. ;_; I need to catch up with the rest of the people~~~ ;o; ;o;

Still no update with the site.. I'm thinking of drawing a splash pic or whatever for the main page... @_@ And shit, Ken-sama's Nightmare pics be good~ :o~~~

And ooooooh!! New LJ users! :O Hola to Phil and of course! Nuhohohoho.. X3 Rina~~~~~

Obviously I've consumed too much caffeine.. I'm ending this transmission to save myself from further disgrace.. X__X

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