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Juuu~~ Jun!Jun!Jun!!!!! *backflips* Tadah! :D;;

Well, The tuition center seems to be totally wiped out clean.. The 2 computers are missing and lo! so does the fax machine! The new owner told my mom to lock the gate using another padlock. The new padlock keys are given to my mom, Mr.Irwan himself and the Future Kids guy.. (Future Kids rent the class rooms in our center for morning session.) I'll be smiling tonight.. Hehehehe.. Might get rough tonight though.

On the other hand, It seems that is down for the moment.. ;_;

Last night was also sweet! X3 Rina called me during my break but my cellphone battery hates me.. >_< But I managed to call her back somewhat very late.. T_T; Oh, And.. eer... We had a good time talking..eer.. Yeah.. *._.* *coughs*


Anyway, I'm off to practice CG.. -_-;; Ending transmission..

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