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"Cut yourself and they come back again~~!"

Got myself a new computer table, small table (My room) and some office desk for my brother's room. X3 Lotsa space! XD

Last night, Dreams be weird. X_x Dreamt that I lived with Sean and Phil in some apartment or something.. X_x I remembered that Sean was out for work that time and Phil was making coffee. I'm still in bed and semi awake. We had this huge anime vault. X_X Ranging from classics (can't name any, but I recognized them) and to the new ones..(again, I can't name any.. Its was pretty blurry.. >_<) But then my eye catches the Serial Experiment Lain CDs.. I told Phil that we should watch SELain together and Phil just nods..

Then everything went black..

>_< I want to watch SELain dammit!

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