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Fast hands.

Today when I got up around 7.00 am. Rubbing my eyes and grumbling but then I noticed that I can't breathe properly. It's like something is blocking the main airway. (I forgot the name of the thing, no, not the lungs.) I can breathe just that it's kinda hard. >_< When back to sleep around 8.00 am and thank god now I can sorta breathe properly.

I think my Asthma is kicking back again.. X_X;

Rina couldn't make it last night 'cause she had a slight fever. @_@; Most probably the hot weather..

Amin's coming over tomorrow. Hopefully he'll bring the BoF 4 CD or I have to drag my ass out and pawn something to buy it.. >_< Currently looking for Grandia 2 PC version.. X_X Looks nice..

Ending transmission.. X_X

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