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Killing for a living. Spitting out burned rubber.

Gah, I've been having these stomachaches over and over again. Must be something i ate. =_= Anyway, The first band meeting will be held this Thursday. We might go for a Jam or two. Egads, I know my guitar is somewhere in this junkpile of mine..

Another thing that I think will be discussed during the meeting shall be the new band's name. The old one be 'Critical Mass' but somehow Shaun (The lead/vocalist) thinks its too lame and decided to go on with something else.. Something with '-death'. Suggestion made so far? 'Stick Death'.. =_= God, Where's the originality?

I'm the rhythmist/screamer (XD;) for the new band. @_@ Gah! That means I have to play throughout the whole song with different riffs and stuff.. Unlike Bass.. ;_; I missed playing Bass.. ;_;

I won't be seeing Rina that much anymore for now. ;_; She needs rest. ._. I've been selfish. Making her stay late till 1.00am and all. >_<; I'm sorry Rin.. ;_; It's not that I don't want to see her (Good god, I missed her. >_<) just that I'm worried about this. Keeping her up late and she's all tired the next day. Y'see, She gotta wake up early so...

*sigh* The night be peaceful right after midnight. ;_;

Loan approved! Woo Hoo! That means we'll be getting the money to pay off the debts! :D Whee~~~!

Do please, state ye suggestion of band name.. =_= Anything but Stick Death...

*hint hint* Stick Death Theather *hint hint*

Something smells like burning flesh... o_o

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