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Huzzah! Ken-sama be back~ XD; Okaeri~

I lost my voice due to constant screaming during the Jam session yesterday. My fingers be sore~ ;o;

The song we played:

System Of A Down - Chop Suey
System Of A Down - Spider
Factory 81 - Ephedrine (Practice Mode =_=; We messed up big time)
Soulfly - Eye For An Eye
Papa Roach - Last Resort (=_=;;;)
Blink 182 - All The Small Things (=_=;;;;;;;;;;;)
Factory 81 - Ephedrine (<:D~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~) The studio be bad though. Bad sound. Bad guitars. Bad drums. =_=; Waay out of tune guitars. Oh, And Shaun brought along his black Warlock Bronze guitar too. I might buy the black Flying V for RM 850.. But, PS 2.... ;_; On the way back from the studio, Something eer.. 'bad' happened.. =_= I was like, Walkng and these 3 teenagers on a bike, slowed down, whistled and shouted "Hey Babe, Wanna go out with us guys? Hehehe, You're cute." ........ I was stunned. Staring at them and they're like, smiling for a minute. After awhile, Their expression changed from 'oh-i'm-a-babe-bomb' to 'Shit.. o_o he's a guy.. I'm flirting with a guy'.. =_=;;; Man... I couldn't resist shouting a high pitched "Fucking Ass!" and they speed off.. To make matters worse, Someone from the public yelled at me "Hey, You're girl! You should be ashamed!" Oh yeah, I was ashamed alright.. 3 times already... 3 times.. Fucking ass, Can't you see I'm a guy!!? =_=;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; MAAO meeting tomorrow. Hopefully I can find and afford to buy 'Gothic Lolita Bible'.. Egads, Ending Transmission..

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