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Bringing out the Dead. Killing all the Living.

I'm here in the Cyber Cafe right now. With loud people playing CS and stuff.. Stupid fucking people. This is one of the reasons why I sometimes hate socializing... Yes, yes. I feel sorta angsty right now. =_=

Stupid internet still doesn't work though. Fuck up big time. Need to reformat the comp.

:o Another words I'll be dead for a long time. So see you around when I'm reincarnated.

Had fun talking to Rina few days back~ X3 She's sooo sweet~ Mweee~~ Going to call her again tonight. =_= Hopefully my mom's cellphone won't die out on me again this time. =_=;

find your element

find your element

Bah. Whatever...

What Psych-Ward do you belong to?


Shit.. Time almost up.. =_= Later people~

Ken-sama: Sorry.. I guess the site will be dead for awhile~ ^^;; In the meanwhile, I'll work out the new layout and stuff~ :O New pics from you I want~ XD

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