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Stabbing up dead.

Wow.. I'd never thought that I would actually wake up early today. Went to bed around 3.00 am, brushing my art skills back. Woke up at 8.00 am.. O_O Refreshed!

So anyway, Planning to do more G Pen inking and sketching again today. Not in the mood for a complete-finished art. Creative Juices be runnin' dry. Damn wrist still be sore..

Bloody 'ell..

Let's see.. Finished Front Mission 3 Emma version (Emma is so much hotter than Alisa~ Kazuki! Dump Alisa and go for Emma!!!) earlier today. Waiting for Amin to raid this forsaken house along with his game fanatics followers. Meeting up with the twins this Sunday and of course, a huge load of paperwork of shit to be done with..

Sometimes you can't help it feeling all angry with your dad suddenly passed away during family crisis. But blah, forget about it. No one likes a whiner.

*pushes anti-stress button* Woot!

And this is not a depressing post bloody 'ell! Give me a break you guys! Bloody 'eartless I tells ya! XD

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