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Waaai, Tired... =_=; Gonna go take a nap for awhile and then go out to the mall to buy some stuff.. =_=;

Oh yeah, Had some good fun when Amin and his fanatic followers came by. Played lotsa Bloody Roar 2. He'll be going to Uniten this Saturday I think. Headin' for campus life.

So, nothing much happened.

Oh yeah, Won't be joining the AXN contest. =_=; Too dead busy and plus haven't drawn anything for a long time so.. I need time to get back to my drawing skills.

Ken-sama: O_O Dude! You're pulling my leg yeah? You're gonna get hitched next September? @_@;;; Eeer.. Shocked! Congrats~ And yeah, Erik ya lucky guy! XD Gomen, but no 'Ang Pau'~ No money~~ .o.

Anyway, About the pics. Just scan, no need to send me via email. I can't do anything. No dreamweaver installed.

Egads.. Married? Now? @_@;

I need more caffeine~ O_O Ending Transmission..

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