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Sculd! :o

Last night AXN showed Ah! Megamisama! (Oh! My Goddess!) Which is reaaaaaaaally good. Belldandy looks too.. X_X;; I don't know.. angelic? in the TV series.. But that's cool. XD But I was pretty much disappointed when AXN said it was a 'movie' but instead they actually showed some 4 episodes 10 till midnight. T_T waaaay too rushed i think.. So what's my favourite character(s)? hmmm.. probably Sculd though.. ^_^ She's all cute and stuff.. Belldandy and Urd is okay.. But not as fun as Sculd and Keiichi! XD XD XD Aahh yea.. and Megumi too! OoO;;

On December 15 they're going to announce when is Hari Raya.. X_X Geez, probably Sunday or Monday.. Time flies even you're not having fun.. X_X;; My brother Joe, was a little bit annoying lately.. X_X;; Dammit! I want that bag Joe! Why you always hogging all the good stuff!! ;_; My handphone is busted. I don't have any money to buy G-Pens and some other stuff.. I can't send the presents to Rose yet cos there's some problems with the presents.. T_T Obviously, you can tell that I'm pretty much in deep shit right now.. >_<

But reading Naruto really makes me feel all better again! XD Kakashi-Sensei is the most popular character in Naruto! XD Based on the Naruto poll done by the mangaka.. XD WHEEEEE!! KAKASHI-SENSEEEEEEEI~~!! Oh, Hinata looks good too.. ^_^ Its funny and cute how she shyly tries to talk to Naruto and she also tried to help Naruto during the Chuunin exam despite all the Chuunin instructor keepin' both eyes peeled for any cheaters.. XoX But hey! XD Naruto isn't the type who wants to be a ninja in a cheap way.. XD XD Eventhough he's quite dumb sometimes... And..loud.. X_o; I found that no one is determined like him in the manga..

Right, time to d/l more Narutos... XD

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