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Kicking my own arse up to the twin towers of hell. - a box of bones [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Kicking my own arse up to the twin towers of hell. [Jun. 9th, 2002|02:18 am]
[Current Mood |cold]
[Current Music |Factory 81 - Ephedrine]

"Good God! Can't you fucking see!? Good God! It's all a fucking dream! Good God! I want to see you bleed! Good God! What the fuck are you doing!? - Farid in his random pyschopath mode ramble."

Yes! Finally! Had some really really good time! When out with Amin yesterday to the infamous Leisure Mall right after work. He bought some PS CDs and while I go drooling around at the PS 2 section. Met Shaun and Farid later there. Bloody bastards skipping out classes~ XD;;

Shaun suggested that we should go do some jammin'. Tis been awhile..

Dang, Thank you God. @o@

4 guys. A guy wearing office clothes, 2 guys wearing dead long black jackets and a guy wearin' some insane Hawaiian outfit stormed into the Guitar Store Jam Studio.

And yes! Again, I've lost my voice! XD

Songs we played:

Factory 81 - Ephedrine
Blur - Song 2
System Of A Down - Chop Suey
Static X - Push It (Definetly can't play this song @_@ Amin, Farid and me can't quite follow this song yet. We ended up Shaun playing the lead while some random guy pops out from nowhere, playin' the drums while me and Farid shout our throats out.)

Fuuuuu~ I love it. Now to bug Shaun for the Ozzy Osborne CD.. Worried about Rin. She doesn't seem to be well. ;_; Poor girl~ I feel so fuckin' helpless~~ \;o;/

Anyway, Finally got the scanner up and running. Still can't draw anything worth showing though. But I might scan some sketches from last month classes..

Oh god, Geocities.. =_= Maybe later..

(Aha, So it's from Ephedrine eh Farid? X3)
Ending Transmission.