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The Pink Satan! O_O The Hell filled with flowers and cute things!

*rolls in*


This is weird~ I feel dead happy and hyped out like I'm on turbo steroid laced with chocolates mints fudge! O_O!

"But sir, Doesn't that make your eer.. brave deparment and its 'co-workers' eer..small?"

Yes James, That too but its not really I'm on crack. @_@; But really, You're good at these things.

"Yes sir, We have a good teacher..."

... Shut up James...

"Yes sir. Right away sir."


This glorious, gloomy rainy day is obviously for rambling!

Well now, I've been thinking about quitting the Art Teacher job. Not that I don't like the students but well, The place, The tuition centre brings back memories. Good and bad. Mostly about me late father and the bad happening regarding the thefts and stuff.

Mweeee! I wonder if Ann still wants another helper with her computer CD shop~ Working with her and Lam won't be that bad~

Feeling like going out tomorrow. Leisure Mall again~ Seems that I ain't got the Gils to go to KLCC and have fun and stuff. And whoooo~ Rina called me few days back. @_@ And she said I laugh like a girl. *o_o*

"Yes sir, And you comb your hair like a girl. Oh sorry sir, Did I say 'comb'? I mean 'brush'....."

Yes James, Would you like me to shove this brush up to your butt too?

"No thank you sir. It's still sore.."

...You love to see me suffer don't you James?.....

Nuuu~ I miss the guys back at #rosa~ ;_; And I miss Rina waaaaaay waaaay too much~ ;_;

Anyway, Ending transmission..

"Sir, You suck being our art teacher."

Yes well, But it seems you guys enjoy it when I teach female anatomy... The detailed version....


(Nonsensical rambling. Do please don't take offense~)


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