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Got Indie?

Hmm, Reading my last entry makes me think that I'm a total idiot when I'm hyper. o_o;

Must not be hyper...

Anyway, Went out to the supermarket with Mom last Saturday. Bought some milk and bread, just basic stuff.. While waiting for Mom I went up to the Music Valley store and bought myself the new OAG album: Opera Radhi-o Friendly.

Damn good. Much better than the 60's TV and Melody Mocker album that's what I think.

Though this one album is in Malay. Now, I'm not a big malay song fan but then again these guys makes it worth listening. Beautiful, beautiful music. Glad to find that OAG still stick with their old style: Strange noises, Babble songs and lotsa 'Ooooooooh~'.

List of songs from the new album:

Slumber <- ('Slumber'. Check your Malay lingo. :3)
Stanza <- (This one is absolutely beautiful.)
Natural <- (Rosey: A good 'Hari Raya' song X3)
Figura Malaya

For Whatever <- (Now this is damn good. O_O Slow song tho.)
TaDapaPaya <- (OAG went out aggressive on this one. Cool.)
Hey! Hey!
Slumber [Tidurlah Radhi Version]) <- Acoustic on this one. Brings back memory of the Knocked Silly remix 'Knok Sili' XD)

So go buy them OAG album! >:O GO RADHI AND THE GANG! XD

Back to my life, not much. Called Rina when she's at the office. Just to surprise her. *^_^* And boy, it worked. XD She's so sweet~

Anyway yeah yea, I know. Boring post yadda-yadda why-i-should-read-your-journal-its-damn-boring-and-annyoing.

Ending Transmission..

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