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"Tonight, I shall teach you guys something about inking."
(If no work, cut and paste. =_= Geocities sucks period.)


A4 Paper
4H Pencil
Unipin pen 0.2 and 0.5
And of course eraser. (Eraser is your friend! ;o;)

Going to use this pic as a reference for the students I'm teaching tonight. They're pretty good with pencils and its a waste not to ink them lineart. The problem is, My wrist hurts so much when drew this thing. X_X So, I don't know if I can pull another pic like this tonight.. Need to remember to change bandages before class.

So who's the girl? Mary, Scud's sidekick.. It's been awhile.. With Dash Boots and throwing knives~ :D Noticed the right hand be longer than the other and the cloth rumples be totally weirded out.. X_X

Dang, I want this pain to go away... >_<; So I can draw more.. ;_;

.... And I want Rina... ;_; *cries*

Ending Transmission... ._.

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