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Redoxon C be my mug for the day...

Here I am, Drinking coffee in front of the computer pondering what to do today. I'll be quiting the job soon because I'm not in a good condition to teach.. Well, The teachers there seems to be happy than usual..

The ache around my right wrist are subsiding, much better than the past 2 days. But then again, I'm not in the right condition to draw thus losing my job as a friggin' art teacher.

The bandages smells horridly of alcohol and chinese herbs and roots etc. (Yes, Chinese medication be cool~ X3) Not that I don't trust Western medication or something mind you..

So extremely bored and not to mention the need of social interaction..

Ow, ow.. That hurts.. I guess I'll go read them Dream Hunters book again...(Yes, I'm quite low on stock with books.. har har.. Intelligently insufficient..)

Good god, Whine whine whine~ o_o

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