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Hmm.. Weird..

I was going to post an angst post about me losing job today awhile ago but the anger and frustration and depression just vanished right after I finished typing the post.. o_o

Aaah, better better.. Feeling better~

Wai, Rina is totally busy lately~ I understand though but I'm a little sad, I couldn't do anything special for her.. ._. I couldn't even buy the necklace I promised her O_O... (Y'see, Used the money to pay off the debts.. ehehehe ^^;;)

Went to check out her site today, And seriously.. o_o She gotta try her hands on the comic industry..

*looks at right hand*

....Well, you're not that useful anymore aren't cha?

Ah well, I might as well write something for Rik~ He needs them short story/comic.. ^_^

I want to continue the collab manga with Sakura.. ;_;

So, tomorrow shall be fun day! Harvest Moon!!!!!!! X3 Oh yeah, Need to get back on swimming.. o_o Found old pictures of me (around I was 15-16) totally different.. o_o

...I want those abs back... ;_;

Yeah like, If you can dude~ (Thank you to Kyq for reminding me of how wonderful surfers acent)

Dudes and Dude-ettes, Keep on drawing.

Ending Transmission..

(I miss my Rina too Juusa-sama ._.)

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