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Nocturnal Hunt.

Koreans, Germans, The Turks and Brazilians.
Hmmmm... Quite interesting. Too bad for England though.

I haven't done anything much for the past few days. Done crap on drawing side. Wrist feels better but I'm not taking any chances.. I should give it another week or so.

Let's see.. Went to the court earlier this morning with Mom and my brother to get some documents signed and stamped. Something about transfering dad's stock shares to my mother.

Still same old same old thing. 'cept that bought some food at stall. Eating happily at home. And suddenly mom went "Oh my god..." throws a crispy, fried cockroach out from a catfish dish..

And that time I'm the only person who's eating the catfish.....


Anyway, Its good news to hear Rosey got accepted to Curtin University. But then again I'm worried..

@_@ Er.. Congrats Rosey.

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