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Am I improving? The question which I'll never can answer.

Lately I've been looking back at all those pics i drew for the so-called 'Art Boot Camp'. And yes, I'm still drawing day and night non-stop. I'm determined to be as good as the rest of them. The pics i drew doesn't looked like that i have improved. Maybe i'm doing it the wrong way? lots of peeps told me that i draw good and stuff.. but for me. it seems that i've done sooooo many mistakes. that one shouldn't there, the hair is too unnatural, the lips looks weird, the inking sucks etc etc. maybe i'm being bitchy but i dont know.. its hard. Things gets harder when i know i'm bad at creating storylines.. It's either turned out to be reaaaaally cheesy nor just rotten to the core...

*sigh* time to draw and draw and draw and draw and draw again.

Fuck. I'm useless..

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