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Woke up early this morning. Headed to the MIISCO Trading headquarters to settle up some confusion. They deducted double amount from my mother's salary. The original amount was RM 300. With the loan cuts, that cut etc etc. Money left for this month (and also last month) be only RM 500! O_O

So everything is okay we got back the RM 600 from last month and next week we should be able to pickup the next 600 gils.

After that, We went to eat some decent breakfast (Run out of bread early this morning. @_@) at this stall. Joe started went angsty on the debts and how dad left us with nothing but some pile of debts. Y'see, We still running short on RM 600 to pay damn stupid loan sharks so Mom had to ask Ita (Joe's girlfriend which 3 years older than him.. @_@ But then again, She's nice.. ^_^) for some financial help. She gladly gave my mom the money and mom agreed to pay her back once she got her RM 600 payment back next week. Though Joe doesn't like the idea borrowing money.. Not that he's an egoist or something but Ita already gave him her Maybank Credit Card. o_o Just for his personal use, so... ._.

But worry not, Everything seems to fine and dandy~ ^___^

But then again, I'm left without money again.. ;_; I need to replenish my art supply~~~

(If you're wondering where my salary went, Used it to pay debts of course.)

And of course, Had a nice time talking to Rina last night. ^_^ She's soooooo cute when she gets all embarrassed and shy and all.. X3~~

Runic-dono! More songs tonight!!!!!! >:D

Ending Transmission..

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