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Ahahaha... =_=

It's friggin' 5 am and I'm still wide awake. o_o

Hopefully Rina will be online tonight (missed her terribly ;_;), Rosey (cos I need the song nee-sama <:~3) and Runic-dono (About last night pic X3) Joe: Still up? Gen: Yeah, e-mails, draw, stuff.. You? Joe: Study, stuff.. You got some cigs left? Gen: Yeah, Hold on.. Here. Joe: Thanks... Gen: No prob.. Joe: *puffs* ...... Gen: *types* ...... Joe: Bloody Roar? 10 Fights, Most win wins...? Gen: ... Sure. Heat up the PS. Joe: Kewl.. How nocturnal both of us can be? Ending Transmission..

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