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Oh great.. - a box of bones [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Oh great.. [Jun. 30th, 2002|02:07 pm]
[Current Mood |artistic]
[Current Music |Guilty Gear X - Writhe In Pain]

I am

my big bike is my best friend, and my fist

is my answer to anyone .. or anything, who dare

to take me on. i can kill a bear with my

death fist, and i'm so proud of it. hooooaaaa!!

take Which Tekken Character Are You test!

Paul? O_O My computer and PS is my best friend and I don't have a Death Fist.. Well, 'cept for the little Leisure Mall incident.. ^_^ Death Fist busting up faces! XD

Anyway, Electrical Appliances in my house is dying one and another. 2 days ago, The Halogen light went off. Yesterday, 2 bulbs from the chandelier(? Mind my spelling..) went kaput. And today, the Kettle! o_o Hoho, Looks like I have to boil water with the traditional way~

I'm feeling all artistic today and I'm going to spend the whole day drawing and practicing my inking (Good God! I need help with G Pen inking.. Its SO hard!! ;_;).. And hopefully I can pull it off instead of lazying around in bed like a giant Anaconda with a bad case of sleeping disorder..

Yes, I like to sleep lately.. o_o Dozed off when playing FF9..

Went out checking the MAAO blogs today. Thank god I still got Mudster's blog link hidden somewhere in my folders. Managed to find the rest MAAO blogs and safely bookmarked them. I'll try to check them as frequent as I can.. ._.

Right, Joe is not here now and he took my cig pack with him...


And Gempak be poo... :P

Ending Transmission...

Edit: Last night Bloody Roar 2 match results.

Joe (Busuzima) won: 6 Matches.
Gen (Marvel) won: 4 Matches.

;_; *hugs random people* ._.