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It was pretty nice today. Went to a friend's house to get some stuff.

Went to the Mall alone just to check some books and CDs. Saw Farid, Shaun and Isaac there.. And again, For the 3rd time of the day, Farid thought I was some random girl. He really didn't noticed me at all.

Bah, You all need glasses. Bad eyesight. I don't have boobs and I look 100% guy.

Note: Do NOT email me some crap ass flame email telling me I'm gay, jackass, attention-craver etc etc. FUCK YOU ALL! Thank you very much.

We went for a game of pool, talked about how Shaun's car got cement in the exhaust and broken side mirrors. Obviously, It's done by 2 ass-lovin' dickheads called Chong Ee and Paulvinder. Hark! Heads will roll! Shaun had an argument with them and they decided to pay him back.

Got back around 7.30pm. Tired like hell but I managed to call Rina. ^_^

We had a short but wonderful chat, But that'll do..

Ohohoho.. I am so wiped out and I got tons of artwork to finish for particular people...

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