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Ojalá que asi lo fuera..

Aiie! What bad luck! I missed talking to Rina last night due to weirdness of my computer. Runic-dono suggests that I do a simple 'exorcism' involving a lot of pummeling and beating.. XD

Anyway, Not much to add because I don't have a life. @_@ Not much ever happens here. Oh, there is one thing interesting-sorta happened early this morning (2.30am), Insane cat fight which lasted around 20 minutes. It was so loud the neighbours had to wake up from their slumber and chase the cats away.. I, on the other hand, was driven nuts by the loud 'when-cats-fight-they-make-this-high-pitched-meowing-thing' sound.. I was already going bananas with my computer and the failure to show up in #rosa as I promised Rina.

You shall be purified by Miko!!! XD XD

As you can see, I'm just being wierd. Do please excuse me.. ''

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