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Of all the worry..

I'm feeling alright now. Just a tad tired.

Ken: Dude-ette, Thanks. I thought you were long dead. :P Anyway, I'll send you an email on what book I need (Vampirism of course! X3) and oh? I get to pick PS games too? Ohohoho.. Thanks a bundle~~ Keep sending me artworks, I am not going to let the site die down again like the last time.. Drastic action is needed. Anyway, What Dead Twin Doll again? Grah, I don't read Kreko so I'm totaly clueless. But if its something that makes *you* shiver it should be a good thing. :P Good luck with your Game Project and oh, go swimming to burn ye fats~ XD Hargh~

Anyway, It seems that Rosey hasn't called either Jules or Rina. I'm worried. People are worried and I'm not making it any easier for them.. I shall think that she's busy and stuff.. Negative thinking won't help a bit.

Rina: No, It's alright.. Check your email.. I'm sorry okay honey?

Well, More self-abusing, angsty, anti social, whatever negative sorts of thing you can think of, for me.

Oh yeah, I am the angst and depression icon of #rosa...

Bite me! :P

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