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Back.. @_@

Aah, Just got back from Uncle Justin's place. T'was lotsa fun. Lessee, We met at KDU. Decided to go lunch at Pizza Hut, T'was my younger cousin Lester's, choice. Mimi (Lester's older sister) ordered BBQ chicken extra large pizza, Pepperoni Delight and Hawaiian. Joe ordered Lasagna because he doesn't like Pizza that much.

Anyway, It was up to us to finish all the pizzas.. Me, Lester, Mimi and of course Kim (Another cousin of mine, not siblings with Lester and Mimi though) After pretty much tobasco and pepper eating contest, pepsi drinking contest and such.. Aunt Linny suggested that we drop by at their apartment for awhile.

We drank coffee and ate (again! @_@) Durian cakes and Cheese cakes (Yum!).. We chatted for awhile.. Heh, Good to know there's still some Sabahan relatives around here.

Pretty much good day today.. ^_^

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