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XD wah! tired!

Its the first day of Hari Raya and seems that everything went well. Actually I haven't slept since last night. I was too excited(?) to sleep. X_X Anyway, we depart from our home around 6 am after both me and my brother asked for forgiveness from our parents. The 'Duit Raya' or gift money both from my mom and dad is RM100! woo hoo! XD
So after a few hours of travelling, we finally reached our destination. The small village of Linggi in Negeri Sembilan. My dad drop mom off in one of my aunties house. We call her Kak Lang. After that, three of us including my brother, Joe, head for the village mosque for Raya prayer. Everything's fine but, during the preaching moment I think I dozed off for awhile.. XD XD;;; Right after that, three of us head off to my grandparents grave. We recited some prayer and clean the grave a bit since there's alot of dried leaves lying around. X_X Wah, Call me weird. But the graveyard really looked beautiful and scary.. I like it. XoX Oh yea, after that we visited my father's brother grave.
All of that grave visiting sure is fun but we had to head for Kak Lang's now. With all of my relatives there, lo! 'tis was a grand family gathering! We chatted and stuff. And one of my older cousins was kind enough to slip me and my brother a 10 ringgit note into our pockets. XD XD That makes RM110.
After a series of unknown relatives visiting, we finally visited our beloved 'Kak Teh'. Another one of my favourite aunties.
Kak Teh was your average tough old lady. Declining on eating lunch at her place is definetly not a good choice. You'll get screamed at(okay, not scream but her voice is really loud and all.) Mom was like, "Err. Kak Teh, you shouldnt have cooked us all of this delicious dishes! You're quite old now and you got to take care of yourself." Kak Teh on the other hand, tough as ever, "Bah! Old age doesn't mean you don't have to cook for your favourite relative! Now, SIT DOWN and EAT." XD XD She's not evil or bad or something. Actually, she's a reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally sweet old lady. :D :D She greeted us with hugs and kisses! XD
After lunch, we chatted for awhile and stuff. Kak Teh also packed us some of her kick-ass rendang and few other cakes.. (err.. Wajik and Bengkang was one of them I think..) Gave us her powerful hug and a gentle smooch on our cheecks.. We set off back to our abode.

Raya isn't bad for me this year actually. No, I'm not talking about the money. But all the happy faces makes me feel.. blah.. X_X happy? But that's good. Another thing, I'm celebrating with some good friends in #rosa and of course! Beed! XD XD Dude! This thursday! XD

Anyway, I'm out. .:D going out with Joe tonight for a good ol' arcade jammin'.!! Wheee!!

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