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A nice shot of caffeine makes Jack a hyper junkie. @_@

Whatever.. ohohoho.. ^^;;;

Right, I just got back from Luqman's house. Got my guitar back and practicing some Silverchair songs (Eer.. Currently just Anthem for the year 2000) and some other game songs etc.

On the way back, I met Shaun, Farid and Harvinder. Isaac doesn't have any class today so couldn't bug him Silverchair CD. Made some plans, chatted a little bit and some other stuff. Shaun and Farid invited me for a game of Pool but nah, I'm in a hurry.

Harvinder? Nah, I don't like that guy. Arsehole if you ask me.

Gah! Its 7.06pm and I gotta fetch Joe from the LRT station.. I really really want to go online and meet my Hime-sama~~~~~ ;o;

*rolls around giving out bad karmas*

Brownies and Coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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