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Ah! Chotto Matte~!

Nothing much happened today. 'cept that me and my brother was talking about consoles early this evening. Both of us still can't decide which one to buy, either PS2 or the normie PS. PS2 games looked promising and dead gorgeous (ie: MGS 2, GT3)
One drawback, the games are really expensive (for me ^^;) Since both of us would probably buy the un-modified version of PS 2. Beed told me that modified PS 2 tend to get fried within a month.. Bah, not good. PS still has the highest vote from both me and my brother. Good ol'games (I mean really GOOD)

Bah, whatever. It's not we can afford one yet. XD XD

Operation Reformat seems to be delayed once again. Hence my brother couldn't get the Window ME CD yet. So, maybe next week. Hmm, that's good, I still can finish some of my mum's paperwork which she wants it before 26 of december. Damn.. Anyway, time to go get busy.

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