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I just got back from the KLIA airport. Sending off mom. It seems that her flight isn't the night flight but instead it's really early, somewhat around 2.40pm. We made a quick stop at IBM plaza where Aunt Linny works, She gave my mom some money and the ticket, talked a little bit and hugged her. After that Joe made another quick stop at KDU to pickup his friend, Rizal.

Anyhow, After a heck of a drive. We reached KLIA. This be the 2nd time for me. Anyway, We had our lunch at KFC. Pretty good stuff and we bought some chocolates.

Around 2.00pm, We sent off mom to the boarding gate. Hugged and stay a little longer and then left. I hope everything goes well..

I'll be eating out today. I don't know whether I can make it or not tonight. Hopefully, I can make it. Because I missed Rina so much! X3

Glad everything is okay for now.

Edit: Oh, Just for kicks. I finished Silent Hill last night. Pretty much good specially the credits. XD Poor Alessa and Lisa though.. ;_;

But YAY! for mutated Lisa Garland for dragging Kauffman into hell!!! XD XD XD

Might going to play the Next Fear mode.

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