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Again, Let me be with you~~

I left #rosa pretty hurry tonight (Sorry Jules and Kent ^^;;). @_@ Nothing bad just that Joe was nagging me to hurry up, He threaten to let me starve! XD XD. Ate dinner with him at this restaurant. Eeer, Nothing special. Pepsi, Fried rice with lotsa of 'Sambal Belacan'~~ X~~~3~~

Mom called earlier today. Around 8 something. I'm sooo relieved! She's in Tambunan now so the funeral might be tomorrow.

Rina was earlier today. I joined in after 2 second she left. ._. Uuuu.. Thursday then..

(No worries honey, I got your message thanks to Kent dude. :D)

Ken-sama: Thanks again dude-ette. <:~~3 *hugs again*

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