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Maid for hire.

Right, Seems that my mom won't be back till Saturday. ~_~ That means I'll have to stick being a maid around this house. House keeping, Laundry, Washing the dishes, Making up the beds and of course.. @_@ Sweep the floor..

Not that I don't want to keep the house clean, mind you.

Yesterday, We went to this favourite stall to buy lunch. So the dude there, asked us whether we're twins.. O_O

Okay, Shoulder length hair, Squinty eyes and a little bit chubby-ish face.

Same thing happened when we got back, Our neighbour, Miss Lim told us that it's hard now to tell who's who. Huuu.. I don't know this is a good thing or what.

I'm going to let the computer running, d/ling RO while I'm doing my chores. I have the urge to call up Rina today, So I think I'll do that~ After I done with these infernal dirty laundry! Snarg! >_<

You on the other hand, Need a good Karma vibe hug. *Hugs* Good luck! XD

*rolls around giving out good karmas*

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