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Sonata of the forgotten.

Something, a question that's been bothering me for months finally, is answered. Right by you. ^_^ I could never be happier. And I'm here, always, for you. Oh I called you yesterday, thrice but.. ^^;;;

Anyway, Nothing much happened 'cept I'm stuck without a scanner now. =_= That means I won't be scanning stuff for awhile. That sucks because I need to scan a few things for SDF. Indeed, This thing is in a sorry state. ;_;

Saturday shall be anti-stress,depression whatever angst there is in us, day for me, Shaun, his brother, Luqman, Farid and hopefully, Isaac. Oh wait, I don't think Isaac could make it. Because right after hanging around at school, we're off to, Jam~~~!!! :O Yes! So many angst need to be released! YAAAAY!!!!


Anyway, I thank ye for this song~~~ XD Horie Yui? Is it the same song but different artist? :o

Right, I'm off. I'm going to get more coffee. o_< Yes, I am addicted to coffee. Poor, weak guy I am. @_@

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