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~~~I waste my time~ Just to be a man~~~ Traaraaa~~

Maybe it's not funny at all. But, Hey worth posting it here. But I don't I got the lines right but anyhow, ho hum.

Soldier 1: ..I can't believe they sleep with their rifles. I mean, Come on!

Soldier 2: Hehe Yeah.. I know what you mean.

Soldier 1: And to think they gave their guns names.

Soldier 2: Well, Actually.. I gave mine one too.

Soldier 1: *in soft voice* Really? Hehe, Let's hear it then.

Soldier 2: I named it, Dick of Justice.

Soldier 1: I rest my case.

'Max Payne, Cold Steel Factory'

I can't remember the nickname but I think that's it. Gross? I don't know. I find it hilarious especialy you're sneaking up on them, planning to slug 'em with your Colt Commando.

Ooooh, Joe's is snoring big time. o_o *puts on headphone*

I'm glad Rina is okay now. ^_^ I need to cheer her up more.

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